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From work trips to family vacations, travel has become a part of life for every American–but we can’t forget to take precautions to stay healthy while traveling. Not only is travel exciting and fun, but it’s enriching as well. Catching a bug while on vacation can put a huge damper on your plans.

From the airports to the jet lag and being in a territory you have never seen, it can cause you to feel like there is a ‘kink’ in your healthy habits. There is some good news though to help stay healthy during this time of travel.

Please read on for these tips:


A person needs to get enough (seven hours) quality (good deep sleep) to keep your health on top. If a person misses even a little bit of sleep, it will disrupt hormones and some of the other brain’s chemical processes that are so important and are regulated by the quality and amount of sleep you can get each night.

By keeping the same sleep schedule while you are on vacation will be such a help for you, allowing you to feel so much better and more energetic.


When you are on the road traveling it is hard to stay hydrated. Traveling is tiring, and dehydration can happen before you know it. So, stock your hotel room with lots of freshwaters, keep plenty of water bottles in your bag. Do your best to drink 64 ounces of water every day you travel.


When you leave for vacation to travel you tell yourself that this time you are going to rest on vacation. But it seems like no matter what the trip winds up being about, it winds up with you doing nothing but you and the rest packing the days full of fun places to go, things to see and do.

You will probably find that you will not have a minute to rest. Try taking a book along and every day relax a little, sit down and read and recharge your batteries. Finding balance helps you stay well.

Eat well

Just because you are not home doesn’t mean you need to stop eating healthy. It is possible to keep eating healthy while you are traveling.

Being prepared is the key. Before going on the trip research what kind of food there is to eat in that area and then plan out healthy meal options, you can prepare or order ahead of time.

Whatever you do, skip the fast food and go to sit-down restaurants. It isn’t a problem to eat a treat here and there, but if you eat everything in sight the entire time you are on vacation, you will gain weight and feel miserable.

Stay active

Stay busy and keep active while you are on vacation even if it is as simple as walking up the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Being on vacation, try to plan activities that will keep your muscles moving such as hiking, rock climbing, or swimming. The more you move around, the healthier it will keep you feeling.

Make meals

If you fix your meals, it is so much easier to stay on your healthy diet. To be able to pull this off, book a room that has a kitchenette with a fridge. Go to the area’s local market and get the kitchenette stocked with fresh vegetables and fruit so you can make those healthy meals yourself.

Pack healthy snacks

If you go to a theme park, take along your healthy snacks so you will be eating something nutritious instead of the junk foods they sell in the parks. Take snacks like low-fat string cheese, nuts, and low sugar granola bars as they should make you feel satisfied, that way you won’t reach for a deep-fried whatever at the park.

Stick to a routine

If you get out of your daily routine, like what time you wake up, when you go to bed, when you eat meals, all can cause you problems when you are traveling. Try to schedule your days so that it is as close as possible to what your routine is at home. It will go a long way in keeping your body and mind in sync.

Carry hand sanitizer

Most forget how many germs they encounter while they are on vacation and how hard it is to stay germ-free while traveling. When you get into crowded areas, your chances of being exposed to viruses and bacteria that can make you sick are everywhere.

Make sure you bring along hand sanitizer and use it regularly. Germs are lurking everywhere, and on everything, you are touching.

Community First ER can provide you with the care you need if you come home from your vacation ill with our comprehensive emergency care.

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Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling Community First ER

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