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Pediatric and Adolescent Emergency and Critical Care Services
Community First Emergency Room's pediatric critical care team is committed to providing the best emergency services and quick expert care to children and adolescents 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our experienced and compassionate providers are specially trained to deal with serious or life-threatening childhood emergencies making sure that they are attended to within a few minutes.

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Pediatric and Adolescent Emergency and Critical Care Features

Pediatric Emergency Conditions

When your child is sick or injured, it can be challenging to know where to take him or her for care. At any time your child has difficulty breathing, looks ill, has a possible head, neck or spine injury, coughing blood or lethargic, you should be seeing a doctor immediately. 

We provide 24/7 emergency services for children, with some of the most common pediatric emergency conditions, including:


Acute issues like

  • Severe allergic reactions, breathing difficulties
  • Persistent pain, cramps, or high fever
  • Infections, seizures, and severe dehydration


Minor injuries like What to Expect

  • Cuts, bruises, sprains
  • Foreign bodies 
  • Rashes, bee stings, and animal bites


Major injuries like

  • Burns, crashes, and fractures
  • Falls, motor incidents, and head trauma


Severe complications like

  • Asthma attacks, congenital diseases, diabetes
  • Disabling disorders, overdoses, and poisonings


Medical emergencies require us to follow special procedures and techniques. Our pediatric emergency physicians are trained to putting children at ease to rapidly detect the problem and making sure treatment is expedited.     

Our Pediatric Emergency Department will never turn away a child in need of emergency care.


Quick Evaluation Procedures

Right from a child’s arrival to the ER reception room, we lose no time is lost while they are on the way to their evaluation. With a quick and prompt evaluation process, we ensure complete diagnosis before they can join back their families. 

Our trained staff reassures the children throughout the process to help them settle into a calming and stress-free environment. 

Most of the high-tech and advanced medicine we use helps control nausea and vomiting and can be administered even without the IV. Whether it is a fever, fracture, or pain, we focus on implementing measures that rapidly alleviate their discomfort.


Calm and Healing Environment

Our spaces for young patients inspire confidence, encourage interaction, and offer hope. The pediatric spaces built consider daylight, noise control, privacy, and positive distractions making patients and their families feel a sense of belonging and a more home-like atmosphere. We have interactive areas for siblings and flexible exam rooms that accommodate families. By ensuring a clean, calm, and breathable space for the child’s treatment, we also minimize the risks of any possible infections. 

Our expert pediatric emergency physicians then give your child the necessary assistance required for life-threatening injuries or acute illnesses. 


After-Care Following the Procedure

Community First ER, are preferred licensed and registered healthcare providers for emergency services in Pasadena TX. Your child gets the most competent medical care compassionately, compared to hospital ERs. 

With advantages like a short waiting period, same-day testing and results, and above all, a positive medical experience at our 9500 sq. ft at the facility, you do not have to look farther. As we understand the importance of prompt care for the emergency medical needs of children, we are also committed to providing the required after-care. To ensure that your child’s recovery goes smoothly, we make follow-up phone calls long after you leave our facility.

  • Quick Evaluation Procedures
  • Calm and Healing Environment
  • After-Care Following the Procedure
  • Acute Issues
  • Minor Injuries
  • Major Injuries
  • Severe Complications
  • Quick Evaluation Procedures

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