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Visit our center: 1101 East Blvd, Deer Park, TX 77536, USA

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Call us at: (346) 954-6007

Visit our center: 1101 East Blvd, Deer Park, TX 77536, USA

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When To Go For Emergency Services

In some cases, it’s evident you need to call for emergency aid, while in others, it isn’t so. For instance, a recurring headache that you’ve ignored or a chest pain

that’s been bothering you. These small things may land you into bigger troubles. To keep safe, it’s advisable that you visit a local emergency unit such as Community Health 1st ER.

We Take Walk-Ins!

Reliable ER Services in Deer Park, TX

Our expert team of board-certified physicians, expert nurses, and staff can handle any medical emergency. In our brand new 9000 sq. ft. full-service freestanding emergency department, you can expect the same level of features as a hospital but without the chaotic, stressful environment. Walk into our Community Health 1st ER in Deer Park, TX, to find:

  • Immediate, quality care
  • Treatment from board-certified ER doctors and registered nurses
  • Shorter wait times
  • Cozy and friendly ERs

Not only are we locally available but also equipped with all the modern facilities that you will need during any emergency.


In-House ER Medical Facilities at Deer Park, TX

Our services are comparable to that of any hospital and Deer Park, TX, residents can avail them at any time of the day or night. To ensure there is no delay in the treatment, we have a range of in-house emergency care services, including:

On-Site Laboratory

Time is of the essence when it comes to emergency care. In several cases, the doctor may require an immediate test of the patient’s samples. If you go to a hospital, this may take time. But Community Health 1st ER’s On-Site Laboratory can get quick results for a variety of needs such as blood testing, diagnostic testing, cultures, cardiac enzyme analysis, and strep, mono and influenza testing.

Radiology and Imaging

With a huge number of recreational activities in Deer Park, TX, it’s quite likely you may end up spraining an ankle or break some bones. No matter what the trouble, Community Health 1st ER’s dedicated on-location radiology and imaging department can provide services such as a CT scan, X-rays, EKG, or ultrasound.

Pediatric Emergency and Medical Care

When children get sick or injured, parents tend to get flustered while finding the right care. To ease your worry, Community Health 1st ER has a dedicated Pediatric Emergency and Medical Care. Our doctors are trained to understand children’s problems and treat them with the utmost love and care.

Whether it’s a small injury or a serious issue, our staff knows how to calm down your child and provide him with the best treatment. The pediatric center is designed

to make children and their families feel at home. There are also dedicated centers for siblings and families to stay while their children are treated.


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Whether it’s late in the night or mid-afternoon, Community Health 1st ER offers efficient 24/7 emergency care. We take every case seriously to ensure that the Deer Park, TX community stays healthy and fit.

Call us at: (346) 954-6007

Visit our center: 1101 East Blvd, Deer Park, TX 77536, USA

You can find us right alongside East Boulevard, south of Pasadena Freeway, and north of E Thirteenth Street.

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Call us at: (346) 954-6007

Visit our center: 1101 East Blvd, Deer Park, TX 77536, USA

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